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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Links, Memes & A Contest or The Post That Wasn't There

All around this mulberry bush that is the Internet, the monkey, that's my friends and readers (what? would you rather be the weasel) has chased said weasel. I'll be the weasel. You monkeys thought it was all in good fun, but guess what? Pop goes the weasel ('cuz the weasel goes pop)!

What does this mean? I have no idea. Although to stick with the monkey motif, I guess you could say that I've got me a whole bunch of bananas lately. Yes, we have no bananas. By bananas I mean a bit of Internet monkey love.

Ms. Sizzle
called me a thinker. I think she meant drinker, but she typed it with a lisp.

Daddy Daze liked my shirt. They also asked if they could hold me up as a bad example for the rest of the Internet to throw rocks at. That link hasn't appeared yet, but I'm ready to get stoned. I've been listening to Bob Dylan all morning.

Snackiepoo, you may remember her from such turn of phrase as "Woo Hoo Carrots!", was kind enough to take time from running some sort of in-house peep show to make Honea Express her Blog of the Week. Smart lady that one.

Karl felt guilty for hitting on my wife, so he linked to me a few times. He's also responsible for taking the photos that got my panties in an ugly bunch. I expect he'll link more.

L.A. Daddy gave in to the charms of my "being Whit" and threw me the obligatory bone. Or banana, am I still talking about monkeys? BTW, check out his post on his morning death wish commute.

There may be more linkage out there. There definitely should be less, but I thank you all the same.

In closing I'll address the matter of the magazine meme, as thrust upon me by a certain Holmes. He wants to know what I subscribe to, in the postal sense.

I'll apologize now.

1. Esquire- A magazine for men, although my wife reads it more than I do. Fashion, music, drinking, David Sedaris and artsy shots of lady parts, what's not to like?

2. High Times- I know someone, someday, is going to stone me. I want to be prepared.

3. Every magazine on this list, and then some. I think they speak for themselves (unless they can't).

4. Reader's Digest- This was a gift from my mom. I'm saving the issues to read when I'm 80.

5. Men's Health- A gift from my wife. She just gets it for the pictures. She may be trying to tell me something.

6. Soldier of Fortune- Someday the shit will go down, and I'll be ready.

7. Soap Opera Digest- Did you know Luke and Laura got married?

Alright, enough of that. I don't want to share anything too personal. Someone might judge me.

In the spirit of meme I'll tag Jason and Jason.

And now, for those of you that actually made it this far. I offer you the first ever Honea Express contest with an actual prize involved. The first person that can tell me what magazine I don't subscribe to, yet we get 4 issues of it every month will win the official Honea Express Springtime Soundtrack. Yes, I stole this prize idea from Chris, but unlike him I'll actually send you the music.

If you can tell me why we receive said magazine(s) I'll make the CD a double. Okay, go bananas!

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