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Thursday, May 24, 2007

A Post to Skip

I think I have some sort of OCD/ADD hybrid. Not to mention my bi-polar tendencies and problems with anger and smut. Okay, I have no problem with smut, but you would never know it by the types of searches that drive people to my site. Yes, I need to post daily, even though Jason suggested that I shouldn't, I can't help it. That being the case, and the fact that I'm really busy cleaning and playing with the boys today, here's another rousing selection of said searches.

Sorry Jason.

Things that bring people to me:

  • I'm tired of chasing my dreams- like Mitch said, find out where they're going and meet up later!

  • nerd nugget- now with real processed chicken!

  • my wife pinches my nipples and talks about other men- she does? maybe she's pinching their nipples and talking about me

  • fat person penis- keep searching, it's there, just like your feet. trust me

  • old broads peeing- really?

  • my wife is stubborn- I don't know why this would link to me, my wife isn't...oh wait, yes she is

  • harry potter sex wand dildo- abracadabra bitch!

  • things to express how sorry you are- you could start by turning off the computer and talking. flowers are also nice.

  • eating coffee with a spoon- didn't we decide to call it oatee?

  • bananas magazine luke and laura- you're bananas
There you go, fresh searches for everyone!

Tune in tomorrow, or possibly later today, for fresh and exciting writing, it may possibly include thought and a point. Maybe. Damn neurosis.

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