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Sunday, May 20, 2007

What's In a Name?

Dare I say, for better or worse, that I am nearly finished with the ever allusive book proposal. Man, it hurts like homework. Someone told me this would be a piece of cake. That someone is a big ol' liar. You know who you are. Liar.

Well, it's time for this "piece of cake" to get some icing. I need a working title. It should be fairly short, clever and/or catchy, with a longer more explanatory subtitle to follow.

These are the few names that I've come up with while sitting here drinking beer in the sun during the two months I've been writing the proposal. I need votes, opinions and words of encouragement.

The choices:

Of Mouse & Man: A Dad's Guide to the Disneyland Resort.

Disneydad: How to Visit the Disneyland Resort & Still Love Your Children

Churros Aren't Souvenirs: A Parent's Guide to the Disneyland Resort

WWGD? (What Would Goofy Do?): How to be a Parent at the Disneyland Resort

Mice, Magic & My Last Nerve: Being a Parent at the Disneyland Resort

Disney Diapers: Changing Parenting at the Disneyland Resort

Dadketeer: Fun for All, All for Fun!

When You Wish Upon a Bar: Parenting Survival Tips for the Disneyland Resort

The Wonderful World of Dad: Mapless Fun at the Disneyland Resort

Disney Dollars & My Wallet: A Dad's Guide to Paternal Survival at the Disneyland Resort

Donald Dad: How to Keep Your Paternal Cool at the Disneyland Resort

E-Ticket Daddy: Traveling with Kids at the Disneyland Resort

Okay, give me your two cents.

BTW, as I was typing this a bird totally crapped on my leg. That's good luck in some cultures, right?

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