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Friday, May 04, 2007

Wicked Awesome Contest Winner and Other Words with W

Enough is enough (so is eight). I declare the contest that can't be won over. It is no more!

I really appreciate everyone playing along, and while the correct answer was never guessed, it has become increasingly anti-climatic. Therefore I am declaring everyone's favorite octogenarian, Mr. Big Dubyah, the winner.

He was the first to suggest that my personal beef with the rainforests of the world was Disney related. Granted, he didn't get the correct magazine, as he was barking up the wrong tree, that being one that we share, both being members of the Disney Vacation Club. We have to share that tree since all of the others were cut down to stuff our respective mailboxes.

It's okay, Disney is green now. Plus, Dubyah's a republican, so there's a pretty good chance he doesn't care about trees anyway. That's an inconvenient stereotype. Two, if you're clicking along at home.

The magazine in question is FamilyFun. Why do we get so many issues, free of charge to us (that's a $40 retail value)? Three of the issues we receive due to Tricia, myself and Thing 1 all having annual passes to the Disneyland Resort. The 4th issue comes because we signed up for the computer site, Playhouse Disney. I imagine some of you must get at least one issue for that reason.

You may have noticed that you can't read a blog today without mention of our winner. That is because he turns 100 years old this weekend. That being the case, I will make his prize the coveted double CD. As we are cohorts in the fun that is Last FM (see bling on the left hand side, just below the dutchie) I know that he will most likely not care for any of the music I'm including. Let's face it, I listen to music for younger people.

Here's something else I'm sure he isn't too happy about:

Happy birthday Warren, and congrats on "winning" my contest, and more importantly, my heart. Go nuts.

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