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Friday, June 01, 2007

FameCrawler: Not About Robert Downey, Jr.

You may or may not know that Babble, the magazine and community for the urban parent, has a new section. That section is called FameCrawler (you may get a password prompt, just hit cancel), and within it's silky sheets you will find me, famous and crawling. Actually, you'll find articles about celebrities, thank goodness, and their spawn. And me crawling.

Please note, that today is something of a soft roll, making the weekend butter, baby. Please go over and see what you think, leave some comments and all that jazz that shows how much you care.

While you are there you may notice that I have the world's longest bio. Yes, I'm compensating for something. None of the ladies in the FC posse have mentioned it yet. I'll keep you posted (Hey, get it? Posted? I'm making blog jokes! I better go lay down.)

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