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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ladies, Please, I'm Not Becks: A PSA

Ever since I got the haircut and took up soccer I can't go anywhere without someone mistaking me for David Beckham. Of course, I'm used to having the ladies follow me around, a little wink, a little giggle. It's old.

I suppose I'm not helping my case. I did call out Posh's name during sex the other night. Luckily, I was the only one home, so no harm no foul, but still, it was awkward.

Just to help out, let me show you the main difference between Beckham and myself:

That's me in the second one. You'll notice that I have piercing blue eyes. I have no idea what color Dave's eyes are.

I hope this sets it straight for all of you. I would really appreciate some space and privacy. So would Posh.

Bend it,

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