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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The End of Daze

Daddy Daze that is. Dave over at Daddy Daze seems like a nice guy. I can't imagine he would punch Mickey Rooney like Pedro did. He would, however, say a bunch of crazy, certifiable crazy, stuff about the Red Sox taking 2 games against the Yanks in the upcoming series. Crazy, I know.

I playfully threw down the gauntlet. Then they teamed up on me. Daddy Daze are bullies! You would never see DadCentric teaming up on someone as innocent as myself.

A wager is now on the virtual table. The losers will place a video on the top of their blog for a week. If the Yankees win they have to show one of many sad Red Sox clips. If the Yankees lose, I have to show some fake video of Big Papi going yard. I'm pretty sure the clip was made in the same studio as the moon landings.

Something tells me I'll have to decorate their site in the fall as well, when my Steelers knock the Patriots out of the playoffs (assuming NE makes it that far).

This concludes this edition of Shit Talk.

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