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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

News of the Unreal and Highly Unlikely

As you know, I generally spend my days sitting around in my underwear, drinking coffee, listening to jazz and skimming through my feeder on a constant loop in search of celebrity goodness.

Well, today, thanks to the trainwreck that is Britney Spears and the fluff that is the High School Musical 2 premiere, I'm able to step away early. That stuff writes itself. I'm taking a daytime date with my wife to grab some lunch and check out some Bourne (that's still playing, right?). I suppose I'll need to put on pants.

I just wanted to leave you with something that I found this morning, and it's a bit earth-shattering. You may want to sit down. I know, most people sit down while on the computer, but some readers might be on the bridge of a spaceship or have hemorrhoids or something, you gotta think of everyone.

So here it is, hope it doesn't send too big of a shock. Look at the story about on the bottom.

Christ, I never saw it coming. No, that's not because I was the catcher. Can I say that?

In other news, I'm divorcing Oprah. Where's my money, bitch?

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