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Monday, August 27, 2007

A Pox Upon Our House

Don't worry, no chickens were hurt in the writing of this post.

Remember when I told you that Zane had a bout of the stomach flu? Well, he started feeling better, i.e., he quit puking on me. Everyone was happy.

Then he started to develop little red bumps on his neck and back. Now he has little red bumps on his entire body. He doesn't appear to be itchy, and while he isn't acting like he feels as bad as he did, he does appear much more clingy than usual. He's a fighter not a lover, and all he wants right now is to be held. Would almost make his being sick worthwhile, if not for the him being sick part.

We haven't fully accepted that he has chicken pox, as we are still entertaining a possible allergic reaction. We just don't know what he could be allergic to. His diet hasn't changed in some time.

I guess I'll just keep watching him and his bumps and see what happens. If it is chicken pox you can expect to see this post copied and pasted in a week or so with Atticus' version.

Stupid chickens.

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