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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ring Around the Roseola

As any of you that comment on these pages can attest, I usually respond to each comment personally via e-mail. I say 'personally' because I used to have a secretary for that, but she wanted to be called my "assistant" which was a bunch of bull, so I let her go. I bring this up because a) I was NOT sleeping with my secretary, no matter what the guy working the drive-thru at Tommy's tells you. Besides, what the hell was he doing looking into the parking-lot anyway, didn't he have chili to make? And b) I didn't respond to any emails from the past post (that I recall) because they were all along the same lines of much appreciated empathy and concern for me, my son and even more so, for the chickens. I figured I would address them all here, collectively.

Zane doesn't have Chicken Pox. He doesn't have Scarlet Fever either, but thanks for scaring the shit out of me Kyra. He has baby measles, the Roseola virus, which sounds so much worse than it is.

We went to the doctor today and they checked him and sent him packing. No medicine, no lotion, just a $20 co-pay and some memories.

They said that it would be very unlikely that Atticus would get it, being a big ol' 4, and now that the fever was gone the contagion period was pretty much over. Nothing to do but watch the rash fade.

I guess this is best-case scenario, as far as baby illnesses go. Thank you for your concern though, it's nice to be loved, or at least the father of someone that is.

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