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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Seven Things I Dig About Jesus

Last week I thought of tons of things to write about. I can't remember any of them. However, I do have this meme that has been sitting in my junk-drawer for a while. Figured I could dust it off and see if it still works.

Island Girl tagged me with this years ago. It's been so long that the flowers that came with it have already been pressed in my bible, and the chocolates, well, they didn't last a week. I had to check Wikipedia to make sure Jesus was still prevalent, and seeing that some Central American countries believe that he is, I'll go ahead and do it.

This meme is for Belize.

Seven Things I Dig About Jesus

1. The dude turned water into wine. From what I understand it was just salty seawater, that stuff is abundant. I would so make that one of my superpowers. I'm guessing the wine was a decent vintage, probably a Pinot Noir, although he may have gone balls out and knocked out something with more legs. I guess it really depends what kind of fish they were having.

2. He wore sandals ALL THE TIME. Jesus and I are a lot alike on this one. Chances are if you've seen me without sandals you've seen me barefoot.

3. I dig dressing him up like Elvis.

4. The guy was hit by a bus and only had to stay in the hospital for 3 days. That's good genes.

5. I like to picture my Jesus in one of them tuxedo t-shirts, because it says 'formal, but I still like to party.'

6. He did a duet with Mazzy Star, who is damn sexy. It's kind of weird that he brought his mom though (and her chain?).

7. He Shaves.

I'm sure there is more to dig about Jesus, but rules are rules, so 7 it is.

I'm not going to tag anyone. At least not now. Maybe I'll hit up someone when I get to Hell. I hope they have a decent Happy Hour.

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