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Monday, September 17, 2007

Random Blog Stuff

You know how you're always complaining that my page loads slow. Well, it's gonna load even slower now, bitches.

Man, I'm sorry. I've got snark in me. Don't worry, I'm not linking over there.

I did add some new bling called BlogRush, which you will find in the sidebar. It seems pretty cool if you want more traffic on your site, and who doesn't? It's like Amway without nameless toothpaste.

I think part of the reason that my blog is loading so slowly for some of you might be the 4400 names on my blogroll. I've been trying to find a way to just have a link for my blogroll with the blogs listed on another page. I've seen it done, but it is beyond me. Anyone?

Also, you may have noticed that my header is gone. However, it is not forgotten. I've been a busy little beaver and sadly a new header has gone to the wayside. I've had people volunteer to help me make a new one, obviously out of pity, but the thing is that I don't really know what I want to do with it. Any suggestions?

Okay, now any family-friendly suggestions?

Feel free to go through my Flickr set on the left, or submit ideas of your own. If I get a few responses we can vote or have a contest. I'll serve punch.

In other news. I've got something fun to announce soon. It may not be big to you, but it's big from this angle (looking straight down). Wait. What? No, something cool that I'm a very small part of will be announced soon. I'll keep you posted by, um, posting.

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