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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Why I Force Myself Upon You

You may wonder why I'm always linking to FameCrawler, aside from the obvious reason that I write there, which clearly makes it brilliant. Well, the thing is that someone over there lost a bet and they gave me a nice big promotion, which means even more work but hardly any extra money! Jealous?

The secret is that a good portion of what I make there in terms of pay is based on page views. Basically, every time I trick you into clicking over there my kids have a better chance of eating that day.

So yes, I pimp it, and I apologize, but dammit, the kids are hungry.

The fact is, it's funny stuff.

What's not so funny is this video I made to advertise for the site. Obviously it won't be used, but I wanted to check out the new video feature on Blogger so you're out of luck.

It appears that I have slightly less rhythm than this guy.

In my defense, I don't see Fiddy rapping with kids on his lap. Yes, I wore the shirt just for the video, you know, to add to my beach street cred.


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