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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Elephant in the Classroom

We came. We saw. We conquered. Preschool can't hold us. The Honea boys only roll one way, and that's downhill.

Our day of book-ish learning was fun. Snack was a big hit. Those kids looked like Danny DeVito an hour before The View.

Everything was what I expected.

Then something dawned on me, something that I was a little unprepared for as I haven't noticed it in the blogs of other dads, and believe me, I'd notice. There is something extra at preschool and we all know it. Yes, I'm talking about hot moms.

Seriously. Don't they know it's hard enough for me to cut 50 shapes out of construction paper without trying to make small talk with pretty people? I could feel the zit on my forehead growing into next week. I don't need that shit.

Sure, I cover hot moms for a living, but that's different. They're far away and not asking me about my ideas on soy products or peanut allergies. The hot moms I cover don't care about my opinion, in fact they'd probably rather I didn't offer it at all.

I know what you're thinking, what's the big deal. After all, I'm a hot dad. I'm happily married to a hot mom. I'm smooth with the ladies. I think it was in my choice of attire. Let's just say that I announced my presence with authority.

Do preschools have PTA's?

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