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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dear 2007:

You and I were never close. You brought me no high mountains or low valleys. You just were. Still, you caused no harm and you did sneak in an iPhone for Christmas, so that's cool.

Oh wait, you also provided me the opportunity to leave that job I hated and become an At-Home-Dad and get paid to write for a living.

Hey, you actually did some pretty great stuff, 2007- you were just so nonchalant about it that it nearly slipped my mind.

I'm sorry, '07. Can I call you '07?

I guess I'm just a bit off my game. This week between Christmas and New Year is draining and I'm not sure why. I've been a lazy worker (sorry, work), a lazy blogger (sorry, bloggers) and a lazy lover (sorry, wrist). I'm nursing a hangover from a year in review and bracing for the hangover of a year welcomed in.

Here's to you, 2007. I hardly knew you.

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