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Monday, February 18, 2008

We Partied Like It Was His Birthday

We had a
birthday party for Zane on Saturday. Yes, his actual birthday was on Friday, but I couldn't very well ask people to drive a thousand miles on a weekday.

Speaking of long drives, the award for furthest distance traveled would have to go to my dad who drove in from Marana, AZ. However, since he came out for the weekend and didn't even know we were having a party, I'll let the honor fall on Matthew and family from ChildsPlayX2 who nearly drove from another country. Their prize was a banana and a couple of swings at a monkey. BTW, you know how Matthew is always joking about how his wife is so much prettier than him- turns out he isn't joking.

Rattling the Kettle was on hand with family and spent the majority of his time between the beer barrel and the batters box. Apparently he's a switch-hitter.

Bill from The Frowning of a Lifetime and his girlfriend brought swords and coffee. They also smiled.

The L.A.'s were in the house and they took a suspicious amount of laps around the yard to make sure we all noticed their Ellen gift. Show-offs.

There were plenty of non-blog related people there as well, but since they don't every bother to read this I'll let them rest in relative obscurity.

And now for some many pictures:

Atticus, Ronen, Sweet Pea and L.A. Toddler getting sandy
Zane & The Monk

The kids vs. the indestructible monkey


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