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Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Week in Whit

In the interest of self-promotion I am going to start a new thing here, it may or may not be 'The Week in Whit,' but something where I share some links to the stuff I'm writing when I'm not writing here. Basically, I've been dancing with some other dates and I want to show you their curves. Is that so wrong? I'm proud.

Speaking of curves. I am going to be adding a new ad company. I'm having some issues as the requirements for placement for Divine Caroline are the same as those for BlogHer, and while I don't want to lose BlogHer and the community there, I've got a pretty good deal inked with Divine Caroline. Hey, BlogHer, there is plenty of me to go around! I really hope to work out some common ground on that front. Watch the sidebars for the result(s).

Some of you may have noticed that I no longer reply via email to comments, but now respond in the comment section. Yes, I will still reply to (almost) every comment. I think that is important and if you took the time to comment I feel it is my responsibility to take the time to acknowledge that and thank you. The thing is, I get HUNDREDS of emails per day that require my attention and sadly I was starting to get really behind on my comment correspondence. That just didn't seem right. Plus, some of the back and forth in those emails was too good to keep private. I'm hoping that by answering in the comment section that those conversations will continue to take place but in a way that everyone can enjoy and add to them.

In the words of Flower, or maybe it was Thumper, I'm twitterpated (by the way, looking for that picture I've decided that the movie Bambi is the single greatest contributer to the world of stripper names, ever). Yes, I finally admitted that I couldn't ignore Twitter any longer and have jumped on the virtual bandwagon. If you want to follow me the link is on the left. Most of my updates deal with the status of my pants.

Something that I've alluded to lately is that I have a vision of completely overhauling Honea Express, complete with a new catch phrase, "Honea- sounds like pony, hung like horse." The thing is that I'm not a code guy. I'm really looking for some ideas and help. Yes, I'm willing to pay, but I'm broke, so deals will need be discussed. Big deals, big plans.

I'm thinking of getting a new tattoo.

We were supposed to go to a special parentblogger gathering at Sea World this morning for the opening of their Sesame Street area, but the weather is crap. Sure would be nice if I could use the tickets later this summer. I'll still write about it, Elmo!

There are some big changes happening in the Honea household as well. No, we aren't pregnant (I hope) but some stuff is going to be happening professionally that will have a very positive effect on us personally. Future posts will keep you posted.

Wow, that was a lot of stuff. None of that will normally be in the new feature I mentioned 4 pages ago. It will look more like this:

Denis Richards has something up her ass. Smells like bacon (that's a Kermit joke).

Zohan messed with someone

Matt McConaughey's pregnant girlfriend enjoys a cold one

Organic t-shirts

T-shirts that Bert would love

Perez Hilton is an idiot

You get the idea. I'll throw some links up from the various sites I write for and if you are so inclined to check them out then I hope you do so. If you don't want to I understand (asshole).

Continue with your weekend.

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