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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Where's Whito?

After today I no longer owe Dan anything. Man, I've had to carry that guy for days now, all because of a little misunderstanding involving tequila and "personal boundaries." That being the case, I'm over at All That Comes With It providing yet another installment in a long line of brilliant podcasts. Two is a long line, right?

The podcast today is actually part of an exchange program that Dan set up for foreign bloggers. Although it's hard to feel foreign when I'm sitting in my own living room sans pants and two margaritas into "me time."

Those of you that heard the earlier podcast that Dan and I made together need not worry, this one is actually about 96% music. Now with less Whit rambling on and on and on (and on). It's also less Dan's humor and sexy accent. Basically, it's a wash.

Check it out, there's some good music on there. There's also a special appearance by the Honea Express singer(s).

Enjoy. Tell them Whito sent you.

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