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Friday, June 06, 2008

Shirts I Might Wear to BlogHer 2008

Hi there, Honea fans! My name is Karl and I write at a crazy little place called SecondHand Tryptophan. Note that the 'H' in 'Hand' is capitalized. That totally matters.

I''m Whit's guest blogger today. I'm sorry. I'm too lazy to really WRITE anything today so I put together a video blog post. I think you're supposed to call those vlogs but that's such an ugly sounding word. vvvvlog. It's like it wants to be vulva but it can't reach that high.

Anyway, here's my guest video blog post. For Whit. Because he's the man.

Karl's Guest Post for Whit Honea: Top 10 Shirt Karl Might Wear to Blogher 2008 from Karl Erikson on Vimeo.

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