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Monday, July 07, 2008

Parts is Parts- Now with Chagware!

I've been pretty bad about putting up photos recently. This is based on many things, mostly solar winds and the Mendoza line, and has nothing at all to do with my being lazy.

I put together a little slide show that features pictures of subjects discussed in prior posts.

Sunday in a Sandbox - Yes, I've included the oft-requested photos from this moment. As I said, they aren't the best quality, but they're there.

Concert in the Blog - Pictures from our seats at the Hollywood bowl. You can see the sign in the distance (upper right). Yes, we were literally in the last row, but at least we paid 1/3 of the price that the guy sitting next to us did. There are also a couple pictures of the stacked parking lot. Please note that there isn't more than a foot of space between any of these cars.

There are pictures from the Atticus Day bash.

The WALL-E photos aren't from this or this, but rather this.

The rest are just random pictures from the past few days so I could play the whole song, which is the soundtrack to Homeless.

BTW, I'm not going to BlogHer. It's just too much money and I had secret hopes of one of my blog jobs helping me pay for it and it didn't happen. Drink one for me.

I just got the sweetest pants.

Someone is getting a surprise when she gets home. No, it's not sex. That would be a surprise for me.

I know, lots of links. Amelia needed to take a tour of the sunnier side of me, and thanks to ImPerceptibility and her findyourspot suggestion I may get a tour of my rainy side:

Seattle, or somewhere in the area, is the leading contender at this point. We lived there for a few years until Atticus was born and I've missed it, so...

If you've made it this far for the Chagware, it's not this, but rather some sort of mojo-blocker that appears to be preventing Chag, aka Cynical Dad, from opening my blog. Is anyone else having a problem? Maybe it's all of these damn links.

Alright, here are the photos:


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