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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Per Ed's Request

As I mentioned previously, some kind folks were nice enough to give me some topic suggestions. I'm going to do them all now because the wife and kids are out of town and I have no life. It's very, very sad to be honest. I do have a cold Moose Drool at my side though, and some Eels on the iTunes, so I'll make the most of it.

Ed Lamaze zoesdad @whithonea how about another 5 minute stream on consciousness.

Ed Lamaze zoesdad @whithonea that stream OF consciousness

Ed is referring to a post that I did before that was basically an exercise from college. I'm glad he brought it up, I had forgotten about that strange and awkward post. I have 5 minutes, start your clocks:

I'm hungry but I won't let that stop me, I've been hungrier. People are hungrier. I thought for a moment that I might go with politics and how a vote for McCain is basically a death sentence for the children of this country, but then I thought someone might get upset. Still, what the hell do I care if the truth makes someone upset? If you vote for McCain you may as well shut it all down and hope they don't have oil in the afterlife.

Then I decided not to talk about politics because "they" say you shouldn't do such things and the "they" are usually right. Well, "they" aren't right, but "they" make their point. The quotations are slowing me down.

People don't like to be uncomfortable. People like things easy, like hookers on payday. Not me. I don't mind a fight. Everything is worth fighting for. Not much is worth dying for. Causes? Show me a cause worth dying for and I'll show you one worth living for. It's the same damn cause. Only the poor are expendable whispers the status quo. Well, damn, is that supposed to make me feel better? I'm fucking broke.

The dogs keep barking outside. They're like "they" expecting the hand-outs. A dog's life is a good life and they've already been fed, but me- I've got to worry about fuckers voting away my children and wonder how they could do such things and all the while I'm hungry. Not Sally Struthers hungry, but pretty damn.

Why are the dogs barking? I'm the one that only has 4 seconds left...

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