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Friday, September 26, 2008

The Gimp is Bill

I feel naked. My life is now an open book. Thanks, Matthew (xoxoxo).

Last night I was on Karl's radio show, and despite the fact that I broke it I think it went pretty well. Of course we couldn't compete with the new TV shows and only a group of hardcore TiVo owners made the original airing. Luckily(?) for you the show is available as a podcast at SecondHand Tryptophan and on iTunes. Basically, it's a chat over beer between myself and Karl with the occasional aside through the 4th wall (that's showbiz talk). It was a good time.

Today is Bill's day. Bill's blog is The Frowning of a Lifetime and it is good stuff. Hey kids, he draws the cartoons. Bill plays bass in a punk band and writes sports tickers for a living. He spends Sundays on my couch eating pizza and drinking beer.

Please welcome Bill!

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