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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cup O'Random: Links, Winners and Reviews

Seventeen of you lovely people put your name in the proverbial ring for a chance at winning the Didi Pop CD. We have a winner...

But first, I wanted to share my favorite song from the album. There wasn't a video on Didi's site for "Dream," so I made one. Well, I made a slideshow with pictures of my kids sleeping, so what? It still took time.


The winner, picked at random by one snotty, sick little boy is Hetha. Congratulations!

I participated in my first Wordless Wednesday today. It's a picture taken at The Grove shopping center a few Christmasesesss winters ago. I've always liked the photo, even if it was taken on my old phone.

Rich asked about seasonal beers. Here's what you need to know.

This guy is a friend of House of Prince, and he's awesome.

Click on this so I can make my traffic bonus!

Did you read about Atticus trying to burn the house down?


I have four copies of Drew Magary's very funny book Men with Balls to give away. I had all kinds of funny to do with this, but DC Urban Dad just ran like crazy with his contest and now I feel inadequate (just in the contest area).

"Drew Magary is the co-founder of the website Kissing Suzy Kobler and a columnist for Deadspin" - I stole that shit straight from DC Urban Dad. I didn't even pretend to change the words around.

The book is funny. Very funny. I was supposed to give away five copies but last night my neighbor yelled over the fence that it was his birthday and invited me over for cake. I threw a bow on my copy of the book and made an insta-gift. Now I wants mine. Yes, I said I wants it. That should show you just how funny it is.

If you want to win a copy leave another word for "balls" in the comments. You can't use a term if someone else already has. The four funniest/most original will win. Enter often, win once.


Remember when I mentioned the Little Tikes Pop Tunes Guitar? Little Tikes was kind enough to send me the rest of the band:

Pop Tunes Drums and Pop Tunes Keyboard, both work on their own or with preset songs and while Atticus (he's 5) says they're too "small" for him that didn't stop him from playing on the instruments the entire time. Zane (2) thought they were fantastic despite his being sick. They kicked me out of the band during the second encore of Free Bird, which is a bunch of bunk if you ask me.

Now the entire band set is drying in the bathroom due to the dozen coats of Lysol I sprayed on them (Lysol did not provide product). Zane's germs scare me.

Here's my disclaimer on product reviews: If someone sends me something to review and I like it then I will gladly write about it. If I don't like the product I'll return it, and depending on why we didn't like it I may or may not write that as well. Basically, if we didn't like it because it was too advanced or something that isn't necessarily negative I won't write it up, but if we didn't like it because it was made from lead and chopped off the cat's toe then I'll tell you all about it. I do it because I care.

That's it for this edition of cup o'random! And now for the catchphrase:

It put the other random in a cup guys out of business!

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