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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cup O'Random

I realize that most of you come here for the side-splitting humor, moving prose and parental insight, but you're out of luck today (and any other day, really). Today is a day of randomness and the chewy goodness it holds within.

- Just a month after I joined UpTake as Vacations Lead Editor it has been announced that the site is now the largest travel search engine IN THE UNIVERSE! People, UpTake is only six months old. Man, does that scream Christmas bonus or what?

BTW, moving forward I'll be looking for more U.S. based bloggers to write on all things vacation. Email me if you that is you.

- I was included in the Top 50 Dad Blogs IN THE UNIVERSE! A special thanks to Vanessa Van Petten and the fine teens (hi, Google!) at Teens Today who are wise beyond their years.

Check it: Best Dad Blog

- I just received a box of Iced Gingerbread Clif Bars via UPS and they are so good I'm going to be wired for weeks.

- I dance with meatballs by the pale moonlight.

- Minnie Mouse dances in the middle of the damn day, and doesn't care who sees her:


And now for something completely different... Gift Ideas! I'm thinking about doing some reviews on here through the holidays to make up for my lack of creativity. Also, maybe someone will send me free stuff. It could happen.

I took Phil's advice and picked up the David Tobocman CD and it's really good- the video got me. Keep in mind our library of kid music is limited to jazz, They Might be Giants and Barenaked Ladies. We don't really do kid music as a rule and instead force Beatles, Foo Fighters and Louis Armstrong on the boys. Somehow Tobocman got past security. Go figure.

I got this great guitar for the boys for Christmas. It's from Little Tikes and the kids can play their own notes or jam to 4 programmed songs. Would you believe that one of the songs is "Message in a Bottle" by the Police? I may have to get a guitar for me so we can JAM!

There you go, a cup o'random. It put the other random in a cup guys out of business.

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