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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Give and I Give and I Give

Do you like books? Sure you do. Obviously you are extremely intelligent and literate or you wouldn't be here. You're probably good-looking, too. Then again you could be here for the nude Hugh Jackmans- that's been a Google goldmine.

I have two more books to give away. These are the real deal, not some crap you find in the dollar bin, but brand new, best-selling books by important people you've heard of- assuming you're as intelligent and literate as you claim to be (see paragraph 1).

Yes, I am a kind and caring blogger. However, I'm also spiteful and will be limiting winners to U.S. and Canadian entries (no P.O. boxes) only. Sorry, it isn't personal. It's the publishers. Apparently they don't think the rest of the world can read so good.

Here's how you can win: Enter. Leave a comment that says which book you are interested in, say why if you have time. Butter me up if you're feeling it. I'm easy.

On the 17th I will draw 5 winners per book at random- or less than random if your butter spreads right.


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