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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Proverbial Search Results Post

I've got a list of search results and I'm not afraid to use it. I am, however, reluctant to use it because I fear that it's a lame excuse for a post, but having looked at the actual lame excuses for post that I've already put into play I've decided to move forward with it. That's caution on the wind. It'll blow away.

The thing about these posts, where you list a group of search terms that brought people to your blog and make witty attempts to respond to them, is that while I feel lazy doing it I always enjoy reading it on other blogs. It's like the gift card of blogging. Nobody likes to buy a gift card as a gift, less it make the buyer look like less than zero effort was put into the purchase, but everyone likes to receive a gift card. And most people liked Less Than Zero, or at least Robert Downey, Jr.'s performance. I could have done without the Poison cover of "Rock and Roll All Night."

And now, with nothing further ado, is the list. There appears to be a theme.

condoms that don't smell
if they're on your nose you're doing it wrong

how to steal stuff
more importantly, how to not get caught

her fist in his ass
and they said romance was dead

hotel work sucks
can you bring me more towels?

my wife jerk me
she does that to everyone- right after you go to work

this is the only search item that makes cents

nogales donkey
the second show is different than the first

lonely but pretty girls
good luck, and have your credit card ready

sex c
now that's a vitamin

candy sex
it gets sticky

prague single women bars
trust me, they're not that into you

I hate lakers
I also hate oceaners, rivers and the Knicks.

where can I buy condoms that don't smell
condoms don't even have noses

why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free

anal sex whit bloom
in Orlando?

I'm in lucerne find girl for fucking in answer in english please
for fucking in? search in english please

example of a rambling paragraph
You've come to the right place, my friend. This entire blog is filled, dare I say, overfilled with examples that fit your query. If you were to take any post on any page of any month since this blog was created nearly four (4) years ago you would most likely find at least one example of a rambling paragraph in each- or at least a paragraph about the Allman Brothers. They were born as rambling men and I tend to write as one, lost as I am along paths of thought and the easy lure of tangents and sarcasm. I hope that your search wields you fruit, figuratively, of course- unless you're hungry, in which case I invite you, please, to sit at my table and eat your fill.

14th street blow jobs
It took me thirteen streets to find them. Their condoms smelled.

And that, dear reader, concludes my search results post. See you next time when we'll discuss lesbians, Obama, lol cats and where to find name brand shoes for free. I'm just guessing.

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