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Monday, February 02, 2009

Does This Mean No Surprise Party?

February 1st marked four years of Honea Express. I understand if you forgot.

You learn a lot by blogging for four years in one place. You see the world go by. You watch people come and go and sometimes come again. You see yourself reach new heights and lose yourself in awkward lows. Sometimes people laugh, sometimes they cry, and sometimes they get angry and call you names. It's all par for the course. Sometimes it's rough and sometimes you land on the green, and sometimes that damn windmill hits your ball back all the way to the beginning. Stupid golf.

I've covered everything and nothing. I've nearly quit this thing more times than I can count. I've met people I consider friends, even though we've never shared a beer or an embrace. I've been lucky enough to have friendships fall off the page and into my living room and see memories reappear in my comments.

I've learned a bit about myself: I'm sarcastic to a fault and passionate without apology. These are things I've always suspected, but finally learned to accept when aired before the masses. I'm okay with it.

My family has been supportive and often confused. My wife has been patient and my boys have been boys.

I don't know where this thing is going or how long the journey will take, but from the bottom of my heart I thank each and every one of you that has been along for the ride.

I'm registered at Crate and Barrel and iTunes.

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