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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Quick on the UpTake and Why I Can't Wear Business Socks

As most of you know I am the Lead Editor of Vacations over at UpTake. It's okay to be impressed. Today UpTake has launched its official press release which is more or less a tribute to me and some fine print. At least that's the way my mom will read it.

Here is the press release.

Here is the official About Us page for the team of bloggers currently writing for UpTake Vacations. Many of your favorites are there and probably a few you don't care for. I'm the handsome one.

Please check it out, and if you haven't done so add us to your RSS. Yes, it's a travel blog, but I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with the tales we weave- especially in the next few weeks. There will be action, sex and adventure! Imagine if Indiana Jones had a blog instead of a hat. Yes, it's that good.


Are you a man? Do you do stupid stuff on Valentine's Day just like in the movies, but instead of being an offensive stereotype it's actaully true? Did you laugh at that commercial during the Super Bowl where the flowers in the box made fun of the lady in the office and now you're wondering why the internettes can't take a freaking joke? Then do I have the link for you!

Visit DadCentric and win some nice flowers that don't have mouths and may actually increase your odds of getting lucky.


Here's why I can't wear business socks- or any socks for that matter. I just thought business socks was funny since I was talking business and I love "Flight of the Conchords."

I just broke my toe. And by "just" I mean less than an hour ago and yet I am able to blog like a freaking champ. Take that (insert more popular blogger's name) .

Thing 2 was trying to get a jar of jam out of the refrigerator and dropped it. As I was standing behind him and the jar was going to hit him in the head I thought it my paternal duty to prevent said collision. I reached for the jar, tripped on the kid and in no time at all that big Costco jar full of jam was landing just right on my toe- the freakishly long second toe, which I understand means I'm a great lover.

I spent the next few minutes looking up "wuss" in the dictionary and wincing in pain. The toe is split open with part of it hanging loose, but not like Matthew McConaughey. More like I now have two toes where once was one. This is really going to confuse the little pigs.

I actually don't know if it's really broken, but I do know that it hurts like someone dropped a heavy object from a great height on a small bone and shredded it into pulled pork. It hurts like that (which is more than this).


In closing I would like to thank everyone for their responses on my last two posts. Normally I would address people in the comments, but what with the toe and the press and the stuff.

I'm especially grateful to those that commented on the post about my grandmother and those that emailed me with personal messages. I know posts like that may be uncomfortable to read, but I needed to write it. In four years of blogging I can count on one hand the number of posts that were as hard to share as that one. My sincere thanks.


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