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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Trouble With Ashes to Ashes

Once again the state of California has proven that its label of liberal is nothing more than window-dressing and urban legend.


It's the damn Mormons, don't you watch South Park?

There are fingers and there are pointers, and excuses are thrown against walls and heads are smashed in alleys lined with blood and bottles sharp with anger and stupidity.

It's not about politics. It's not about religion. It's about doing the right thing. You'll hear people say otherwise and they are wrong. There are few things in life less grey. This is black and white. This is right versus something far from it.

Freedom for all should not be contingent upon the fears of the some. Glass ceilings are meant to be shattered. Dreams are meant to inspire and mountain tops only remain unreachable to those without the will to see beyond the rocks that fill their mind.

Love is not unconstitutional. Civil rights are not wrong. Families are not supposed to be broken. Nobody gets left behind.

Isn't there enough hate in this world?

Will my children grow up in a world where love grows hungry, left to starve in open closets while government rations are thrown into the masses, kept straight and narrow by the sight-line of their blinders?

Do we need to paste the words of Gibran and Lennon on every street corner? Should the ebb and flow of Neruda's heartstrings be our ringtone? Must a Browning be tattooed upon every shoulder to whisper a constant song of poetry across the stream of our conscience?

Even Foreigner must know what love is by now, and it is not what passes for law in the state of California.

There will be those that disagree, which is their right. They will fill comments and message boards trying to justify the unjustifiable and their every word will prove us right. They will waste both time and space with letters to the editor, pungent with blunt ignorance and the pocketed scent of posies.

We all fall down, but only some of us will have rings on our fingers.

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