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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Chick Chat - Now With Penis!

So a long time ago I told the good people at Chick Chat that I would participate in a video segment featuring the dads of teh internetz (is that how they write that?), and then I forgot about it.

Then I loaded up all of my belongings into a shipping container and sent them to another state. My belongings include my video camera and lamps.

Then I had the week from hell. There is much stress in me. We're moving in a few days. We decided to sell the house rather than rent it sometime last week. Today we met with the Realtor. We've got a lot of shit to do.

Then my grandmother started the painful, downhill slide into losing her battle with cancer. She's not expected to survive the week.

That's why my video sucks. It's dark and grainy and I'm guessing a little cruder than the people at Chick Chat were hoping for. Sorry about that.

You'll also notice that my video does not have any fancy edits or credits or a soundtrack of any kind. That is because I suddenly had an hour less than I thought, thanks to someone explaining to me that there really is a Central time zone. Also, there's a really goofy-looking guy blocking the nice blue wall.

Who knew?

That said, here's my contribution, and despite the fact that you'll surely hate it, I had fun.

Please visit the other dads and their obviously better videos: Kevin at Always Home and Uncool, Tyler and Kacey at Three Bay B Chicks, and Husband of The Scattered Mind of a Tattooed Minivan Mama. Also, my condolences to Jason that couldn't make the video due to his own grandmother passing. He's at DadCentric and you should be, too.

Holy crap, I just realized that this thing is over 9 minutes long - and apparently the sound was dubbed later. That's the kind of awesome I bring to the table.

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