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Monday, August 03, 2009

Damn Kids and the Light of Day

One had an accident. One had on purpose. The old dog craps on the floor before she even knows what happened. My eyes are sinking into dark, black bags.

There is madness in the rhythm and a rhythm to the madness. I wouldn't recommend dancing to it. It will cut a bitch. But it has a good beat.

Such is life that is lived around me.

Sometimes the truest photos are those you throw away.

Sometimes I drop nonsense and pass it as knowledge.

Days are filled with screams and laughter and the running where running is not allowed but really, who the fuck cares? Run, rabbits, run. Don't listen to your old man that has forgotten what makes you perfect. Every morning I am one more day away from remembering what you feel. You are wiser than I will ever be.

Today is Monday and that means nothing to you. The same games and mischief that you left in the hallway will greet you there. Sunday was just the day with the paper. Monday is an extra cup of coffee raised in the distance - a machine that you recognize by the back of my head.

Play your games and tip-toe past me. I'll call you on your shit. I am a stereotype. Smile when you are up to something, I'll likely go easy on you.

Monday is but a second of screen time, but that doesn't make it any less important.

Be yourself. Act. Don't let the credits stop you. Sometimes there are out-takes at the end and that just might be the part that really hits home.

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