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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I Brood and I'm Dangerous

There's a new picture of me over at MamaPop. It was taken by my DadCentric partner in crime Ryan of the Pacing the Panic Room Ryans - Florida chapter. I've been told that this is a good photo of me.

For instance, here's a conversation I had about it with Bossman Bing just last night. Note, most of this didn't actually happen.

Sweetney: It's a good photo of you.

Me: I'm smiling. I don't smile.

Sweetney: You're grinning. It's devilish.

Me: Grinning like I'll cut a bitch?

Sweetney: Don't you have work to do?

Me: Tell me a story.

Sweetney: Goodbye.

Me: Follow me on Twitter!


See? She thought the picture of me was the greatest picture ever. That may be true, because the picture itself is good. Great even. It's the goofy bastard in it that is messing it up. The fact that Ryan was able to salvage anything out of that shoot just goes to show that Leibovitz can suck it.

Basically, Ryan is the shit.

The thing is, I've got an image and as such I felt that I needed to post pictures of me to support it. I don't smile. I don't have fun. I'm deep and drink whiskey and I stare into the night sky while pondering deep stuff, mostly about whiskey.

Look, this is how I really look when I'm being all artsy and occasionally fartsy:

I don't smile. Unless Ryan asks nicely. Don't make me cut you.

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