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Monday, February 01, 2010

UPDATED: Life is Like Winning a Box of Chocolates - Share Your Sweetest Love Story

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

I rolled the virtual dice and three came up. Everybody drink.

Three was assigned to the third comment, meaning the winner is Laughing Mouse, soon to be Full Mouse and possibly Sugar Buzz Mouse.

I need to hear from you by noon (PST) on Monday (2/8)!

Thanks to all of the romantics that entered the contest. Your love makes my notebook pale by comparison.

Also, thank you to See's Candy and Clever Girls Collective for making the chocolate happen.


Where does one start a love story? Does it begin across a crowded room on an enchanted evening beneath a layer of warm whiskey and the sudden knowing that nothing will ever be the same again? Or did it begin years ago in a field overgrown with wildflowers and hands swaying in singsong fashion as the meadow gave way to memories and the most beautiful thing you have ever seen was the way the sun glowed upon her skin?

Where does it start and where does it go and how many pages need turn before one is living in the happily ever after?

Me? My story is your classic boy meets girl, boy loses girl, girl marries some soldier, boy fixes up old house, boy gets picture in paper, girl comes back, girl leaves soldier, boy reads to girl, flock of birds fly away type of thing. It was pretty romantic. They made it into a movie.

And it goes great with chocolate.

This is where you come in. The good people at See's Candies and Clever Girls Collective want to help you out with the pinnacle of romance: Valentine's Day. Yes, you can win some chocolate -- a See's Candies Red Signature Box -- that's two pounds of delicious chocolate, which the winner, that could be you, will receive in time for Valentine's Day! We want to hear your sweetest love story, hence the "Share Your Sweetest Love Story" contest. Leave your story - or a link to it, in the comments below and a winner will be picked at random after the contest ends - 11:59 PM on the night of Feb. 5th. It needs to end before midnight due to the whole pumpkin thing - but that's another love story.

Wait, that's not all!

Extra Ways to Enter

Do you really, really want to win? Here are some opportunities for
extra entries, in addition to your comment with your Sweetest Love Story:

1) Visit the See's homepage and sign up for the newsletter

2) Tweet about this contest using the #seescandy tag (you can Tweet daily and post the link in the comments below!)

3) Blog about why you want to win the Share Your Sweetest Love Story with links back to this post, as well as to See's and post the link it in the comments below.

Enter Now! Deadline for entries is midnight, PST, Friday, February 5th and we will notify you by email.

Did you get all that? Enter on my blog and one winner will be chosen. Also, enter via the ways outlined above for additional chances!


Behind the curtain:
Compensation received for post - $50 Visa gift card & a Red Signature Box of See's Candies (Yum!)


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